About Us

Executive Board

Robert Tait


Ben Gonzalez


Katherine Bearden



Lila Waker

Outreach and Engagement

Brian Baltazar

Outreach and Engagement

Tim Hardy

Outreach and Engagement

Moe Aduan

Outreach and Engagement

our mission

16% of Colorado children are not getting adequate nutrition due to financial constraints. And 20% of adults reported having to regularly cut back or skip meals because there wasn’t enough money to buy food. Our mission is to raise money in order to alleviate food scarcity for as many families as we can this coming winter season.

our Foundation

Making An Impact Foundation is a certified 501(c)(3) organization founded right here in Colorado.  Our motto is party with a purpose.  We provide marquee events that create memorable experiences for our guests and raise money to help feed children and families facing hunger across Colorado. 

Making An Impact is run by 100% volunteers and all profits go to ensure meals are delivered into the hands of those who need it.